A little while ago I started with dried ones of these.

I broke it open and planted the little black seeds.

Now. My oh my, looks like something's gonna flower. I honestly didn't think it would work, but what do you know. Yeah! As soon as this baby blooms, I'll update with pictures. Holding thumbs..... What's the last thing you planted that miraculously came up?

*If you were hoping for a post on the gorgeous Poppy (the golden retriever), you can view previous ones with adorable pictures here as laundry puppy, still a little fur ball here, here with Lily, here where I tried to put antlers on her, here where she played with Lily in the sprinkler, here where she's sitting in the water feature, here after she bumped her head and we rushed her to the vet (no gross pictures here, only her adorable self, I promise) and another one of the little poser. :-)

Have a fabulous day all!