I never planned a new post for 2012 or had any grand ideas of wishing you a lovely new year. So here goes I guess, the first post of 2012.

My unwillingness of wanting to recognise the new year and feeling like this is actually just a continuation from 2011 steered me in the direction of actually just biting that bullet and getting it done.

That's how you eat an elephant right? Before you can eat it bite-by-bite, you have to start at the beginning.

So this year should perhaps be the year of doing and getting stuff done, instead of thinking how awesome it would be and in reality never starting. I guess sometimes we're so afraid that it's not going to be as epic/ wicked or cool cause next weekend I'll have more energy and I'll be able to do a better job of it...... and of course, next weekend never comes.

So I think, screw it. Screw the 30 things list too. Honestly I don't think I ever really cared for the things on that list. The things on my new list(s) will get done. I'll just tackle this bull by the horns find my running shoes after work and go run my fat ass off.

Enough chilling and putting things off. I need to start making time for (more) things or I'll never get the time for anything.

So then, 2011, it's been real. We sold our 2 bedroom, bought a big house and got two puppy dogs. We ripped out all the carpets, sanded and stained all the wooden floors. We've even already painted some parts. In the midst of al the chaos I even pulled off my first X-mas lunch. I've not been happier or more spoilt.

2012, on this tenth day of the new year, I'm not really ready for you. I'm turning 30 in exactly a month and time waits for no-one. Lets make this one count.

Lets make this one great!