I now know that a freestanding house is a lot of work. There is no time for anything else. How we'll finally find a way to balance the amount of weeds outside with the content of the fridge containing edibles..... well we'll get there. I also now know that, being nearly 30 years of age, I should've known better. I should've known not to eat calamari from the canteen. Paid for food poisoning. With a week of my life. I was supposed to know better. Alas, a week is lost and I'm hundreds again. I know I can never feel like that again. I seriously thought I was going to die. T'was that bad.

In between recovering and helping the hubs to change our house to not be the embarrassment of the street anymore, and preparing the hallway for my blue stripes..... I know I'm the happiest I've been in my life. A beautiful house, a husband I adore that adores me, two lovely yellow puppy dogs (that are house trained) and good health. I've landed with my bum in the butter.

So without further a due, I give you a family picture. There's four of us now.