Eeeeeeeek! I'm so excited I'm gonna die!! Whenever I close my eyes I battle to actually fall asleep cause I'm playing with not one but two puppies in our new house. And when we're not playing I'm trying to imagine what the new paint color looks like on the walls. My mind is filled with all the things Hubs and I am looking forward to and I imagine doing them while sleeping. I should actually just imagine that I'm lying in this bed in our sold townhouse trying to sleep.

12 large boxes packed 11 sleeps till moving day 8 dining room chairs freshly painted 5 large boxes still to pack, together with the rest of the house 4 stainless steel doggy dishes 3 chew toys 2 doggy blankets bought in preparation for the role of a responsible pet owner 1 very lucky girl with the bestest husband in the world and the prettiest house (nearly) in the middle of the street . . . and a new vacuum.

I am blessed. So very blessed. This husband of mine is so good to me. We've worked hard to be able to be doing this. It's a magical time I'm looking forward to. Its going to be epic.