Round about this time every year, I get a wonderful reminder of these beautiful little things that sprout up like weeds. I don't quite know what it is about cosmos that I love so much, whether it's their free spirit or simplicity. It could be the fact that they seem to take over the landscape without prior notice, only to suddenly disappear and be forgotten for another year.

2004: Nine or ten o'clock at night. Cell phone rings briefly. Very briefly. Stops ringing before I could answer the call. Hmm. That means Jono's at the gate. Runs out. But uh. There's no one... wait. What's that in the gate? (I had previously mentioned how much I adore cosmos.) Now why would he leave something in the gate? Where's his car? Oh man. Bummer. I really wanted to see him. With the rather large collection of cosmos a note: 

"Was thinking of you, sleep tight." 

{Taken on a Sunday drive.  Quite possibly the best shot of my life.}

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