I'm a bit hesitant posting this, yet nothing ventured, nothing gained. And I guess I also have absolutely nothing to lose if I don't achieve any of these. I turned 29. Yes, I guess it was kinda unavoidable, and now my 29 things list which I failed at miserably is certainly outdated. Which now, with my 30 things list, certainly calls for wiser choices of what I'll be doing or trying to achieve with my next 355 days.

Here goes (this time with a bit more variety and less monetary bound goals, and in no particular order)

  • learn to put in a zip
  • sew bias tape on to a project correctly
  • complete my knock off white tee
  • make a garment that I wear more than once
  • beautifully wrap a gift - done!
  • fold an origami something
  • complete and print our wedding coffee table book shame on me for not having it done already
  • paint a picture
  • tackle a new DIY and complete it
  • give my closet a more organised makeover, again (one that lasts longer)
  • re-do the study
  • make over the porch
  • stain the curtain rods in the bedroom - done!
  • make over our bed
  • take a photograph I can be proud of
  • take an adorable picture of The Hubs and I
  • continue being part of post a week for 2011
  • invest time in sewNaais: get Archive page up and functional
  • sort out my sewNaais' sidebar
  • sort my blog categories and get more worpress savvy and sort my social networking buttons
  • not take another plunge and cut my hair real short. I'll go for trims to keep my do tidy-ish, but i'll give my hair a year to grow
  • go for a massage
  • finally get my name changed everywhere
  • whip up a kick ass cocktail
  • go somewhere I've never been before
  • visit the Lion Park
  • bake something I've never baked before
  • try out the smokey eye effect
  • find another lip color that I love
  • and the last one: to be decided on 6 months before my 30th. (That'll be Saturday, 20 August 2011.)

That covers a whole lot more interests. Definitely more like it.

... and a little eye candy for these 30 things posts:

You like? Anyways, wish me luck. One more time with feeling!

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