You wouldn't believe me if I told you this.  But we don't yet have a wedding album. Actually, now that I've said that, you probably should believe me.

March this year we'll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary and this lazy (busy) bum of mine has not yet managed to put it all together into a book.

I've had rosy images in mind of photo books yet every time I get close to the end of the book I find myself not completely pleased and start the entire process from the beginning.  I've made and remade our photo book about twice now.  Possibly even three.  I'm not sure.

Oh well.  So now, with it being a new year and all this project has jumped high up on the priority list.  (Again.)  Sew much sew that I've an unfinished project waiting for me.  Before I can touch it though, I need to get this book going, once and for all.  Finally.  To get it done.

I'm just gonna do this and get it done.  Click save and send.  Before we know it our photo book will be  here.

So here goes.  Our official official finally final wedding coffee table photo book.

Watch this space.

{Update: About 18 hours later and I'm just about completely done.  Whoohoooooooooooo!}

And a little sneak peak for you at a few pages so far:

On other breaking news, for me, 2011 is officially starting tomorrow.  Yes.  Back to work.  Have a happy week!