I was going to write a blog on my latest favorite things.  The latest shiny new things. I was going to write about it being December.  And how I'm working almost every single day up till the 29th, including today, yes, Saturday.  (I was going to sigh)

I guess I was going to say it could be worse.

I was going to tell you about my new nail varnish-find to help me feel super festive.

By now you should be clearly annoyed by the non-goings on.  I know how you feel.  So without further a due:

Mr Claus.

Please be so kind as to send me an elf to sort out my crooked new glasses frames.  Please?  And while you're at it, please speed up the making of our bed.  We've been camping in the lounge since Monday night.  Pretty please with Mrs Claus on top.

And please return The Hubs to his natural healthy non-Flem state.

Pretty please and thank you.

It's totally OK that I was going to.  Life happens.  I still managed to post.

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