I have 6 months and 1 day to complete 29 things before I turn 29 on 10 Feb 2011.
  1. complete nursery pictures before johané comes (done!)
  2. create moodboard for bedroom makeover (done!)
  3. paint silhoutte canvas for living room (done!)
  4. create a garment i can wear with pride (done!)
  5. make cupcakes
  6. complete and print our wedding coffeetable book
  7. invest in a little brown dress or LBD
  8. assemble a successful vignette / tablescape in our home  (a tablescape or vignette should include a minimum of 3 items; flowers, candles, and books, and depending on where it is, a tray.)
  9. makeover the porch tables
  10. cook a  (gutted)  fish from scratch
  11. find a successful recipe for flap jacks
  12. pay off all short term debts - big time!!! progress
  13. invest time and sort my wardrobe to be better suited to me
  14. create a gallery wall (done!)
  15. make hubby a pair of shorts
  16. create a monogram for our home with help from Design Sponge
  17. take my face for a glycolic acid peel
  18. find a pair of skinny jeans in which I can feel good
  19. customize my blog and write About-section - almost done
  20. find clever ways to get organised and implement them - one idea per room
  21. cook a leg of lamb
  22. create a holiday card to send to loved ones
  23. eat sushi to celebrate
  24. have a picnic (done!)
  25. redo the curtains in the study
  26. make a new bedspread and pillowcases (done!)
  27. create labels for sewing projects
  28. stain the coffee table (done!)
  29. give a (semi-) handmade gift
Wish me luck!

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