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Yellow Lab came to my home to photograph my fur babies and I. What a lovely morning! Salome is professional, prepared, exceptionally patient and went through a lot of effort. Every photograph she made is unique.
— Annerien Schenk
My photo session was a gift from a dear friend. I loved the session and am thrilled to have these memories of my Emily and Maya forever. Thank you for everything.
— Vedika Andhee
yellowlab henri print (6 of 103).jpg
It’s testament to Salomé’s quick hand and eye that she managed to get these gorgeous pics – Henri and Gina were very seldom still. We had a great time in the studio with all the attention, treats and general excitement, and my pups dozed off on the way home. I’m so happy I’ve got these beautiful images of them, which wonderfully fit in with the rest of the family pictures on the walls, pedestals and photo books. 
— Tanya Kovarsky
Thank you Salome for such a wonderful shoot with our little Waldo! The experience was amazing. The printed end result is simply incredible. We will recommend you to anyone.
— Samantha & Gareth Fletcher
Salome from Yellow Lab indulged my crazy dog lady tendencies with an amazing photo shoot. I smile every time I see the prints in my home.
— Carla Lewis
Our daschunds are our first children, so it’s so special to us that Salome photographed our family just before the arrival of our first human baby. We loved the experience and adore the photographs that will always remind us of who we were before we became 5.
— Alet Wichmann